Our main Priority is the commitment made to our clients, we are always working to improve our services.


With more than 7 years of experience in our domain, we have experts to cater your needs.


Our products quality is best, with 100% genuine products your Site/office security is always at the priority.

Cost Reduction

Our products quality is best, with 100% genuine products your Site/office security is always at the priority.

EESS Global

Our Company is run by experts in our field, with wide range of variety for hardwares and technological expertise to get you running your security details.

We introduce ourselves as EESS Global​, one of the growing technology companies, which focuses on enabling its customers with well designed, reliable fire alarm systems, fire fighting system and electronic security solutions.

We are a company “Run by engineers, Driven by engineering!” Established in 2012, EESS ​have enjoyed stable and profitable growth over the past years. We know what it is like to create a secure environment.

At EESS Global we make your business campus, offices, markets, malls, safe with our advanced knowledge in emerging technologies in Security. We are expert for your protection, as we make two or more digital technological advancements combine to safeguard your company and secure the premises.

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Security System's to make you feel secure

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems are now a important and integral part of any organisational building, to keep its employee and data safe.

Building Automation Systems (HVAC)

Building Automation Systems can have variety of technological advancements.

Gas Suppression System

Gas Suppression System are used for safety from fire, its always better to keep your premises safe.


Physical security has its demerits/merits, but with the electronic security system, you can cover each and every corner of your premises 24x7


Digital Security is the need of time, more the company grows, more it is needed to keep its organization and campus secure.


This can be implemented in any organization, with X-Ray Scanners and CCTV you are sure to have a peace of mind for securtiy concerns.

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